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Thanksgiving day, 2024.
A group photo consisting of Her Excellency Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta, the SMT members, student leadership.
Student Leadership
Her Excellency Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta signing the visitors' book during the 2024 Thanksgiving Day event.
The Junior students in a class session.
Our serene environment offers conducive environment for learning to students and to the Staff equally.
Her excellency, Mrs. Margaret Kenyatta inspecting the parade.
Students in an outdoor robotics activity.
Students in art lesson
Our former student got the chance to award the Former First Lady with a drawing.
Students during computer class session
Student during an outdoor music lesson
Students in a netball court
We have a school nurse on school ground taking care of our students.
The chaplaincy department enjoys operating in a magnificent bethel chapel
VGGS is a community that promotes Christian faith in the Anglican tradition.
Students during home science session
Mathematics departments; Outstanding team 2024
We acknowledge this team for the remarkable academic improvement in last year's KCSE results
A new game introduced in the school.
Our Grounds Department; Outstanding Department 2024
Our environment is in prestine condition thanks to this team.
Our Alumni on thee Alumni Reunion event held in school.

Vanessa Grant Girls’ School Vision

Our vision is the establishment of a Christian Secondary School for Girls situated in Rongai, Kenya. It will be a happy, disciplined school which helps girls achieve very high standards in all they do, so that they leave well equipped to become exceptional leaders in whatever field they choose to enter.

Welcome Message by Principal Madam Jacklyne Amwayi

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the Vanessa Grant Girls’ School (VGGS) Website. Vanessa Grant Girls’ School is set on more than fifteen acres of land, just two kilometers away from Rongai town. Its facility has been designed from scratch with input from both educationalists and professional architects. The school aims to provide a unique, conducive, and serene learning environment with well-equipped facilities for learning to teenage girls, delivering the Kenyan curriculum with particular emphasis on excellent Science and Information Technology and quality teaching standards. IT and Computer literacy being core in the school’s programming, we are a certified examining center for the ICDL program. Therefore, our students are always trained in this program and graduate with their certificates alongside the KCSE-KNEC certificate. Other than this, the students at VGGS are given a wide range of exposure to both Curriculum and Co-curricular activities. This is because of a variety of technical subjects offered like Music, Home Science, Art and Design, French, Computer Studies,  Agriculture, and Business Studies, alongside a range of sporting activities like football, netball, tennis ball, handball, lawn tennis, Taekwondo, Swimming among others. The school focuses on leadership and empowerment, mentorship, and integrity within a Christian framework. It is among the leading boarding schools within Nakuru County with a remarkable reputation for nurturing leadership skills and Christian values among the students. Girls who have graduated from Vanessa Grant have shown great impact back in their homes, and colleges and excelled in the corporate world.  Feel inspired by reading our stories on the website. Thank you.

Application Process

Vanessa Grant Girls’ School is committed to excellence and diversity in its student body. We believe that diverse backgrounds, experiences, perspectives help to ensure a dynamic, productive and positive learning experience.
Thank you for considering the VGGS as a potential school for your daughter. In order to process the application, please follow the procedure laid out below. If you have any questions, please call the school for clarification.

School News

ICDL Certification Programme

Vanessa Grant Girls School has been accredited by ICDL Africa as a test center for the ICDL certification programme.

The following are some of the modules we offer at VGGS.
The following are some of the modules we offer at VGGS. 1. Computer & Online Essentials 2. Documents 3. Spreadsheets 4. Presentations 5. Online Collaboration 6. Cyber Security 7. Application Essentials 8. Data Protection 9. Databases 10. Information Literacy 11. Application Essentials 12. Databases
Every student should take a minimum of 3 modules per year. Exams are offered at the end of each module where a certificate is issued on completion of ICDL course.

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  • Student Life at VGGS
    Student Life at VGGS
  • Student Life at VGGS
    Student Life at VGGS
  • Student Life at VGGS
    Student Life at VGGS
  • Student Life at VGGS
    Student Life at VGGS
  • Student Life at VGGS
    Student Life at VGGS
  • Student Life at VGGS
    Student Life at VGGS
  • Student Life at VGGS
    Student Life at VGGS

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VGGS is a compassionate, focused and motivated community, in which all staff and students work hard and support each other. Truth, integrity and humility are central to everyday living following the example set by Christ.